An overview of Re-targeting.

Re-targeting is a digital marketing concept. It consists of targeting people who visited your website or used your service at least once, and possibly more often. This can help you expand your customer base and nurture relationships with them over time.



For e-commerce stores, the first type of re-targeting is known as pixel-based targeting. Pixel-based targeting makes it possible to send directly to a user’s past browser location (or previous device), while list-based targeting uses a pre-set list of websites or search phrases as potential sources of traffic. While both techniques are used by internet marketers to send relevant traffic to their web pages, the difference between the two comes down to how much information is gathered from the user before being sent.


So what is List-based Re-targeting?


It just works when a customer visits your website and contacts you through an online form. Once your software successfully tracks the customer’s data, it filters out duplicate visitors and provides the information to the e-commerce provider (either directly or by downloading the tracking data). The provider then matches the prospective buyer against their previous purchases and offers a customized experience.


A cookie is essentially a small piece of information that is placed on a website that can be stored for future reference. It can be used to identify a visitor and remember them across various websites. Cookies allow web servers to anonymously track visitors across different websites, and provide each website with a small amount of information about each visitor. This data can then be used to customize the experience


Why choose YellowBeez

Yellow Beez has been named the best e-commerce re-targeting solution in the world. Our unique approach is based on human behavior and uses actionable and cutting-edge technology to bring you better results for pixel and list-based retargeting. As a leading service provider, our retargeting solutions help improve conversions on every step of the buying journey. We employ a combination of proprietary technology and behavioral science to capture individual buyer action details for every customer contact we handle. We then match these details with specific corrective product offers made available online. This allows us to both better target existing customers while also discovering new prospects that are seeking information about specific products and services that we offer.


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