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It’s time to stop wasting time with simple or straightforward ways to add traffic to your website. You’ve probably noticed in recent months that your website load speed, search engine rankings, social media reach, and ultimately conversion rate are all holding you back. 



The following are the top common causes of slowdowns, and how you can fix them. Aside from working with (or against) your current SEO efforts (which I’ll get into below), there may ultimately be a better way to improve your website’s performance.

It’s easy to understand why a website would take forever to load. Few pages can be completely private and then there are the rest of the pages that deal with sensitive information. The latter you don’t want anyone to be able to see unless they have cleared everything else from their browser. You need to give yourself a little leeway when it comes to the load time for your website. Just how much? That’s up to you.


When it comes to web traffic, Google is always more concerned with the speed of load times on a page than with how much content is displayed. If the customer has to wait less time to see the results on their screen, they’re more likely to click on something there — which could lead to conversions.


There are lots of benchmarks you can use to measure your site’s performance, and speed generally trumps any of them. When speed scores were introduced to Google in April of this year, we saw a surge in sites scoring well over 50 (the threshold for being in the top 1% Google index). In short, Google cares more about sites that load faster than those that don’t. The bottom line: if you want to rank higher and get more traffic from Google, then focus on getting your site to load as quickly as possible.


YellowBeez is a leading browser extension to help you rank high on search engines for the shortest loading time. With Yellow Beez, users can see what a page takes to load, and test how far their browser can push a website before it stalls. The site will tell users how a page compares to their current page speed of 60 seconds. This alert notifies them and gives them the power to fix their site’s slowness





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