The times when we relied on print advertisements to sell our product or advertise our company are passed. Advertising methods have changed with online ones. The demand for things to advertise is continuous as people are more interested in buying things rather than buildings or equipment. Print ads no longer just provide market research for companies but provide information to relevant people easier compared to community involvement. But how do you define what is online advertising? There is no hard definition based on the dictionary. 


Advertising is an activity carried out in which a business or an organization engages in publicizing its products or services through communication to encourage the customers to buy and obtain items/services or awareness on products or services of the company. Advertising online differs from traditional print media. Whereas print ads were used to promote print products, online advertising focuses on promoting digital products. Information technology plays a key role in online advertising services by communicating with users and displaying relevant ads or banners. Advertisers rely on certain technology platforms like Facebook, Google Adwords, and Twitter for performing their advertisements within their targeted audience. In this article, we are going to talk about how businesses use digital advertisement services efficiently.


It is truly amazing how CPV can bring an organization to the forefront of its industry with free advertising. A common example is when companies choose to advertise on YouTube over TV advertising. The reason is that YouTube viewers are aware of the product being advertised. They have heard about it from the product description, actually looked at the ad, and are clicking on it because they want to learn more about the product being advertised. Today, online advertising saves companies money by allowing them to advertise on the internet without physical presence being required at all. 


We at YellowBeez help you to get the benefits of CPV (Call Per Visit). It helps to reduce the cost of advertising as you can get leads on your website from paid sources and search engines such as Google. You can reduce the time it takes to run your ads and make them more targeted at your customers by tailoring your ads to their needs and lifestyle. And you don’t lose anything by using CPV, as it comes with some restrictions. You aren’t allowed to run more than one ad per visit and can’t place a maximum online budget on your visitors. 

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