What are the advantages of using WhatsApp/SMS marketing?

Over the past few years, WhatsApp and messenger apps have become popular amongst businesses and professionals. These apps enable users to send text messages or videos directly to a contact. Often these messages contain tips or sales offers.

This article explores the use of SMS marketing services by looking at why it is a popular way of reaching customers and whether you can benefit from it. It also looks at the activities that companies are doing with WhatsApp along with other social media platforms to increase their market share.


Using WhatsApp/SMS marketing services for business has many benefits. These services help you connect with your audience and build long-term customer relationships. However, it can also be a tricky business decision to use such services. Due to there being so many applications out there, your target market could be much larger than you think. To grow your business, you need to be aware of the best WhatsApp/SMS marketing services and choose one that suits your needs. These are services that facilitate the sending of messages and advertisements through mobile phones. Short message services (SMS) have gained popularity because they are less costly and quicker than others, such as display advertising. Using SMS services for business allows you to reach a larger customer base more effectively than through a traditional advertising approach.



Build groups depending upon customer needs

A fast way of promoting your brand

Requires minimal or no cost

Can contact customers directly

Can attach videos, images, and voice clips

Affordable and reliable

Reach customers globally

Make Whatsapp calls in case of queries

Result oriented.


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